About Us

“A young, multidisciplinary and multicultural team is the main engine of this adventure called JetScoot. The passion we feel about the services we offer and our conviction to grow are the instruments that help us get better and better each day. We treat the client as we would like to be treated and we try to make them leave with a nice memory and a big smile.”

Jetscoot is a young company, conformed by a young team. We have as our insignia the ethusiasm and devotion we offer to our customers, we love our job either we do it on the land or at open sea, each echelon in our team is highly familiarized and passionate with the role he or she need to perform. We love extreme sports specially watersports, we’ve been practicing by our own for years and the constant we found in every place we go to practice them is that we usually don’t have as much fun as we would do by our own and in high season often we’re treated like mere numbers. That’s exactly what motivated us and generated the desire to offer something significantly better, after all it’s a very intimate time you share with the client. A moment generally reserved for the closest friends, so being friendly, emphatic and polite is fundamental. We always try to get a smile from the client at the end of the activity and we want them to go with a nice memory, luckily often that’s the case. Is the most gratifying moment, is what make us want to be better and better every day.