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JetScoot organiza eventos

In JetScoot we not only offer rental services, we are also known for collaborating with companies that organize events. Due to our extensive infrastructure, we are able to offer exclusive and very attractive activities for large companies that want to offer something different to their employees. Do you want to organize an event? JetScoot has everything you need!

Events with Water Sports

As you know, our star service is extreme water sports where we can boast a good list: jet skis, flyboard, wakeboard, hoverboard, boats and inflatable floats.

All these activities offer an exciting and idyllic experience for lovers of strong emotions. To make excursions in jetski, to offer a spectacle with flyboard, to sail in boats for groups or inflatable floats dragged by a motorboat ... And many more possibilities at your disposal

Organizing an event with these services is a great success if the goal is to make customers experience something different and be more than satisfied.

Evento con café del mar"Flyboard event with Café del Mar"

Events with Electric Scooters

On the other side of JetScoot, we have rental service for electric scooters and bicycles. We have all kinds of models of scooters where each one is destined according to the use that is given to him

From scooters with saddle and of great autonomy to make great routes during the day until light and folding models for those who look for something more practical. Event organizers request our services mainly to organize tours in the city in a different way.

The possibilities offered by these new vehicles together with the incentive that they contribute to the environment have caused that the activities with electric scooters are one of the main tourist attractions of Barcelona.

Evento patinetes eléctricos Las Arenas"Electric Scooters in Las Las Arenas"
Tour en Barcelona con patinetes eléctricos"Tour in Barcelona"
Evento patinetes eléctricos Las Arenas"Barcelona downtown visit with electric scooters"
Tour en Barcelona con patinetes eléctricos"Organized event for 30 people"

Special events and Bachelor parties

We also take care of great parties organization! Do you imagine celebrate your friend bachelor party with maximum adrenaline that Jet Ski offers you? Or why not try to flly with a Flyboard for first time? Remember we have boats rentals without license, bananas, electric scooters... Lots of services that offer you different options to celebrate bachelor parties. If you want great parties, our services won't disappoint you.

Evento patinetes eléctricos Las Arenas"Bachelor Parties with Jet Ski"
Tour en Barcelona con patinetes eléctricos"Friends big groups Jet Ski parties"
Evento patinetes eléctricos Las Arenas"Flyboard, a great activity for groups"
Tour en Barcelona con patinetes eléctricos"Bananas, Crazy Sofas and different types of water activities"

Bicycle Tours

In the city of Barcelona the tourism does not stop growing and the fact of traveling with traditional and electric bicycles or electric scooters is becoming one of the most common actions carried out by locals and tourists to discover the history offered by the city of Barcelona.

Paseo de San Juan y Guinardó

Parque de la Ciudadela

Arco del Triunfo

Parque de las Aguas

Hospital de la Santa Cruz y la Pau

Sagrada Familia

Plaza de Gaudí

Plaza de Pablo Neruda

Puerto Olímpico

We will start this historical tour through the Parque de la Ciudadela, which was for many years the only park in the city of Barcelona. Next, we will cross the Arc de Triomf, designed by Josep Vilaseca in 1888, which hides a civil component that represents scientific and economic progress. We will continue through the Parque de las Aguas, with an area of 1.95 hectares, it's different from the rest for to the large amount of vegetation that abounds. The next point of visit will be the Hospital de la Santa Creu and La Pau, one of the oldest buildings in the city designed by Lluís Domènech i Montaner. Following for the Gaudí Avenue, we will arrive at the well-known temple of the Sagrada Familia, the most innovative and ambitious work of Gaudí. There we will visit the square that occupies the entire block and continue through the Plaza de Pablo Neruda to finish at the Olympic Port.

JetScoot Barcelona Type of tour: linear

JetScoot Barcelona Tour distance: ~ 10.5 km

JetScoot Barcelona Duration (in minutes): ~ 60 min

JetScoot Barcelona Average slope of the tour: ~ 40 m

Level of difficulty: low-moderate

Ronda Litoral, Diagonal y Plaza España

Auditorio Forum

Plaza Glorias

Torre Agbar

Plaza Francesc Macia

Estación de Sants

Plaza España

Parque de Joan Miró

Monumento a Colón

Gato de Botero

We begin this tour in a unique construction of the city located in the Forum Park, where is the Museu Blau. We will continue the route along Avenida Diagonal in the direction of Torre Agbar, contemplating the streets characteristic of Barcelona and crossing Paseo de Gracia until we reach the historic Plaza de Francesc Macià. We will continue along Numancia Street to reach the Sants Station, which has a large number of national links and other European countries. We will arrive at the imposing Plaza España to visit the Joan Miró Park and continue along the Avenida del Parallel until we reach the great Monumento a Colón. Finally, to complete this journey full of history and culture, we will find Gato de Botero, that after 15 years has finally found a home in the Rambla del Raval.

JetScoot Barcelona Type of tour: linear

JetScoot Barcelona Tour distance: ~ 25 km

JetScoot Barcelona Duration (in minutes): ~ 100 min

JetScoot Barcelona Average slope of the tour: ~ 25 m

Level of difficulty: moderate

Montjuïc y la Zona Olímpica

Plaza España

Avenida de la Reina Maria Cristina

Fuente Magica de Montjuic

Palacio Nacional

Jardines de Joan Maragall y Palacete Albéniz

Estadio Olímpico

El Jardí Botànic

Castillo de Montjuic

We begin this tour in Plaza España, where we will find the Monumental Fountain in which the three seas of the Iberian Peninsula and its main rivers are represented. We will continue along Avenida de la Reina María Cristina, following the track of the copies of the Venetian Towers and the Magic Fountain of Montjuïc. We will arrive at the Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya, on the left, we will find the Jardins de Joan Maragall, designed as an environment of the Albéniz little palace where tranquility reigns and the song of the birds. Luego, a través de la Avinguda de l'Estadi, pasaremos por el Estadio Olímpico, escenario de las ceremonias de apertura y clausura de los Juegos Olímpicos de 1992. Subiendo el Passeig Olímpico, encontraremos una de las entradas al Jardín Botánico de Barcelona y una antigua fortaleza militar del ejército español: El Castell de Montjuïc.

JetScoot Barcelona Type of tour: linear

JetScoot Barcelona Tour distance: ~ 6.7 km

JetScoot Barcelona Duration (in minutes): ~ 40 min

JetScoot Barcelona Average slope of the tour: ~ 55 m

Level of difficulty: moderate

Parque Güell y la Sagrada Familia

Plaza Cataluña

Passeig De Gracia

Casa Batlló Y La Manzana De La Discordia

Casa Milà (La Pedrera)

Parc Güell

Sagrada Familia

Live the experience and discover Barcelona with our tour starting in the heart of the city, Plaza Cataluña. We tour along Paseo de Gracia and its urban and modernist airs such, as Casa Batlló and Casa Milà (popularly known as La Pedrera, at a cost of around € 25 each). We will discover the architectural works of the Apple of Discord and arrive at the Park Güell, one of the most important buildings in the world. From there, we will descend to the Sagrada Familia, considered a World Heritage Site.

JetScoot Barcelona Type of tour: linear

JetScoot Barcelona Tour distance: ~ 9 km

JetScoot Barcelona Duration (in minutes): ~ 50 min

JetScoot Barcelona Average slope of the tour: ~ 20 m

Level of difficulty: low

Organize your event with us

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