Flyboard experience Barcelona

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TimePriceNumber of people
15 min 100€ 1 person
30 min 180€ 1-2 people
1h 300€ 1-4 people

¡Pay now 50€ and the rest in store!

The activity includes

icono-resumen Flyboard for the contracted time for 1 or more people

icono-resumen All equipment is included (vest, neoprene ...) without additional cost

What do you have to know?

icono-resumen Everybody have to bring their ID Card or Passport

icono-resumen Minimum age 12 years

icono-resumen We recommend bringing towel and swimsuit


1 Hour: €0.00  

Choose Your Period:

Feel the magic of flying over water! The Flyboard in Barcelona it’s the most exciting and fantastic in the summer.

The Flyboard is now fashionable and we offer you an incredible opportunity to realize this activity whenever you want. Do you ever see the Flyboard on TV and you thought that’s something you’d never do? Now, you don’t have excuses, if you live in Barcelona or if you are visiting the city you can do it! And with the best prices!

How does it work?

The Flyboard is a device created to elevate the user directing the waterflow of the PWC turbine through the hose up to the specially designed boots. Thanks to the pressure generated, the Flyboard is ca¬pable to rise the user up to 18 meters into the air, the user have the flight control in his/her feet, with little movements is able to reorient the jet and doing so, control the direction and also altitude to some extent.

Flyboarding experience Barcelona

Alone or in company

The activity is always realized by one people. But if you come with your friends, we have a boat for 5 people, so when you’ll be flying with the Flyboard, your friends will be watching you from the boat (Each person have to pay 20€ if they want to see you doing Flyboard). So you can do it by turns. That’s a great opportunity to take photos of your friends and to share this experience with all the people. Our instructors have professional cameras and also they have a GoPro for you. And of course, you can bring your own GoPro if you want to see again this amazing experience.

Flying with the Flyboard

A unique activity

It’s not difficult to find a place in Barcelona where you can do Flyboard, but not all the water sports centers give you the chance to do it. This activity requires a professional staff. It’s a sport that by its means goes into the “extreme” category but we make it accessible, easy and safe. We give you the chance to do this activity for an affordable price. If you are in Barcelona you can’t miss the Flyboard. That’s an incredible activity to do in this city.

Fly with the Flyboard in Barcelona

A new model of Flyboard

In JetScoot we have always the latest things in water sports because we want to offer you the best service. We have the new model of Flyboard of the brand Zapata Racing, who’s incredible and funnier.

"With us it’s easier to fly!"

Learn to do Flyboard skills

An incredible experience! The feeling was amazing.

Jordi Fábregas - Barcelona

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