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Indoor Flyboard

100% of 100

Unique in the world

Easier and simpler


Time Price People recommended
15 min 69 € 1 person
30 min 89€ 1-2 persons
1h 149€ 1-4 persons

¡Pay now 20€ and the rest in store!

The activity includes

icono-resumen Indoor Flyboard for the contracted time for 1 or more people

icono-resumen All equipment is included (vest, neoprene ...) without additional cost

What do you have to know?

icono-resumen Everybody have to bring their ID Card or Passport

icono-resumen Minimum age 12 years

icono-resumen We recommend bringing towel and swimsuit

Number of Bookings

1 Hour: €0.00  

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We present you the novelty of the year, the Indoor Flyboard. Now do Flyboard in Barcelona it’s easier and funnier than ever thanks to our new inflatable area. It was designed exclusively for a new revolutionary experience that only JetScoot can offer you.

What is Flyboard?

It’s an activity or an aquatic sport very popular now and very successful in the last years.

The activity consists of a table with some specially boots with two powerful jets down that can make you fly above the water, dive and doing all the acrobatics that you know, according to the abilities of each one.

"You’ll literally fly above the water "

Indoor Flyboard en Barcelona

Now it’s easier to do Flyboard

Learning to do Flyboard isn’t complicated, but it depends so much of the maritime conditions that with a little wind and with waves it can make your experience difficult.

Thanks to our “Indoor” area there will not be more complications. You’ll be able to learn and enjoy without worries about the waves, like it was a piscine, with the right conditions to fly. If you didn’t test it before, this is your moment.

A simple Flyboard, easy to learn, without complications and with all the good conditions to fly!

Indoor Flyboard en Barcelona

Indoor Flyboard, a project designed for anyone

Jetscoot has created something new in our country. You can do the activity inside the harbor, in an inflatable area totally safe and with a design adapted to take the experience of the Flyboard to another dimension.

Anyone can do this aquatic sport without complications.

"We’ve turned the Flyboard into an activity that anyone can do."

Indoor Flyboard en Barcelona

Let’s do Flyboard in Barcelona at an affordable price

Until now, some people didn’t dare to do this activity because of its difficulty and also because its price. But now in JetScoot, we’ve changed it all!

The Indoor Flyboard allows you to practice this sport at an affordable price. We don’t lose time transporting all the equipment to the open sea and we don’t have to worry about the waves.

¡Come and enjoy the experience to fly with the incredible Indoor Flyboard!

Indoor Flyboard en Barcelona
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