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Rent Can-Am Ryker 600cc in Barcelona

Time*Online priceDeposit
2h 39€ 1000€
4h 59€ 1000€
Full day (Return before 7pm) 79€ 1000€
1 day (24h) 90€ 1000€

*Exclusive discount for online reservations

Pay 20€ now and the rest in store!

The activity includes

icono-resumen Helmets

icono-resumen Liability insurance

icono-resumen 1 driver

What do you need to know?

icono-resumen The driver must be over 24 years old and have the driver license with more than 3 years of experience

icono-resumen It will be mandatory to leave a deposit of 1000€ on the day of delivery. This deposit will be returned when the vehicle has been returned and it has been verified that no damage has occurred

icono-resumen Fuel is not included


icono-resumen Official Can-Am closed helmet (15€ extra)

icono-resumen Official Can-Am motorcycle jacket (15€ extra)

icono-resumen Official Can-Am motorcycle gloves (10€ extra)

icono-resumen Unreplenished fuel tank (40€ extra)


1 Hour: €0.00 if quantity is bigger than 2  

Choose Your Period:

Frequently Asked Questions about Can-Am Rental in Barcelona

Why can I drive with a car license?

The Can-Am Ryker is approved as a "3-wheel vehicle" rather than a motorcycle. That's why it is officially classified as an automobile.

Is motorcycle experience required to rent a Can-Am Ryker?

If you have never had experience driving 2 or 3-wheel vehicles, we recommend trying one of our guided Can-Am tours first and then deciding to rent the Ryker for free use.

What is the required deposit or the rental?

The deposit is €1000. It may seem like a high amount, but it is only deducted in case the vehicle is not in the same condition as when it was delivered. We do not charge for minor scratches, scrapes, or dirt.

Are there any restrictions on the destinations I can visit with the Can-Am Ryker?

There are no restrictions on destinations as long as you comply with traffic laws and local regulations. You can enjoy the freedom to explore different places during your rental.

Can I bring a passenger?

This vehicle has a capacity for up to 2 people. So, you can bring a passenger and discover the city together.

Is the necessary safety equipment provided?

Yes, the price includes a helmet. If you want additional safety, you can rent a full-face helmet, an official Can-Am jacket, and gloves for an extra cost.

How much fuel should I return at the end of the rental?

You must return the Can-Am Ryker with the same amount of fuel as initially provided. We will explain how to calculate it on the day of delivery.

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