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Rent Jet Ski with license in Barcelona

If you have a Jet Ski license, come to JetScoot and drive without limits along the coasts of the Mediterranean


Yamaha avec permis

Yamaha with license

Drive along the Coasts of Barcelona with the Yamaha Jet Ski of 110HP


Become a JetScoot member

Special subscriptions for jet ski licenses. Enjoy our last Yamaha jet ski as is your own. Take it when you want, you are in your home!


Basic10 subsciption

10 Hours



Basic20 Subscription

20 Hours



Plus subscription

May and June



Premium Subscription July

All July



Premium subscription August

All August



Special VIP Subscription

July and August


Advantages of having jet ski license

Do you have a license to drive a jet ski? If you do, enjoy all our advantages for experienced people like you!

In general, to do a jet ski you need a instructor because most customers are their first time and are beginners. For this reason they need a instructor who is responsible to guide the activity and ensurre the security of the participants.

If you are licensed, you don't need any instructor... right? You are ready to ride alone. You have your license for a reason!

In JetScoot We offer you a exlusive jet ski with license rental service in Barcelona where you will able to drive with freedom, without potence limit and for a great price.


New subscription service

We know most of your are very fanatics of jet ski and you would take it every day. We have thought about it and not it is possible!

This year we have a new exclusive subscription service for licensed people. We offer you packs of hours and monthy subscriptions to allow you to take the jet ski when you want and for a better price.

We are the first watersports center who offers this type of subscription for jet ski with license rental service in Barcelona


JetScoot, your best option to rent a jet ski with license in Barcelona

We want to become your main jet ski center. We have an amazing fleet of Yamaha Jet Ski with 110 HP. These jet ski have excellent and 100% reliability engines. Japanese engineering my friend. Really nice!

Take advantage of your license and enjoy our jet ski subscription service!