-30% dto en moto de agua y watersports | Código: RESI30
*Solo residentes en Cataluña-Only Catalonia residents-Que pour résidents de Catalogne

Rent Raycool Plus Electric Scooter

96% of 100
Time*Online PriceDeposit
1h 15€ 20€ 100€
2h 25€ 30€ 100€
3h 35€ 40€ 100€
Full day (return before 7pm) 55€ 60€ 100€

*Exclusive discount for online bookings

¡Pay now 5€ and the rest in store!

The activity includes

icono-resumen Scooter/bike helmet

icono-resumen Map Barcelona's city

icono-resumen Insurance for electric vehicles (Optional)

icono-resumen Support for mobile (Optional)

What do you have to know?

icono-resumen Only people older than 18 years old can drive

icono-resumen You will have to pay a deposit of 100€ on the day of pickup

icono-resumen Everybody have to bring their ID Card or Passport


1 Hour: €0.00  

Choose Your Period:

Rent the perfect electric scooter Raycool Age and you will make of your transportation a hobby!

Unique service of scooters rental

In Jetscoot we offer the possibility of renting or buying the fantastic electric scooter Raycool Age. You will enjoy each trip of new emotions with this model.


This electric scooter allows for a range up to 45km, with a great brand prestige that has managed to have a simple and comfortable design while fast. It is a lightweight scooter (17kg), that has a handlebar available at three heights and a rechargeable lithium battery in 4 hours. It can reach 25 km/h instantly, with a Brushless HUB motor without a chain incorporated in the back wheel.
Our rental shop of electric scooters Jetscoot is responsible for keeping these scooters in perfect condition.

Patinete eléctrico Cataluña


It includes a resistance of up to 100 kg of weight, and able to circulate through any type of terrain including slopes thanks to its excellent damping. Considered the best "Smart" version in the world of electric scooters and contains the option of easy folding for easy storage. It also has a front and back LED light and an extremely durable aluminum chassis.

Patinete eléctrico Jetscoot

Why to rent an electric scooter?

We have the best value for money in the market. 100% recommended for its simplicity and good result.
In few places you can find an electric scooter rental shop at such a recommended price.
Our electric scooter rental shop is considered a reference of quality and professionalism in the world of electric transport vehicles.

Patinete eléctrico alquiler

Traffic regulation:

For our rental shop in Barcelona this electric scooter is considered category B.

The scooters of category B have the following traffic rules:

  • It can circulate when the sidewalk has a width of more than 4.75m and there is 3m of free space to access the stores that need to carry out loading and unloading.
  • It can circulate in the bike lane.
  • Street without differentiated wax: exclusive zone for pedestrians can circulate to a maximum of 10km/h
  • Public park: you can drive at a maximum speed of 10km/h
  • Causeway: you can drive on the road.
  • Normal causeway: They cannot circulate because they do not reach the speed necessary for this type of ways.

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