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Rent a bike in Barcelona!

Stroll, pedal and enjoy visiting Barcelona in an ecological way and with total freedom of movement

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Regulations for bicycles and electric bikes in Barcelona

Bicycle regulations have been updated thanks to the increase in use that we are seeing in recent years, all European cities are betting on a type of mobility that is not so harmful to the environment, Copenhagen and Amsterdam lead the ranking of those that invest the most in this aspect and in the expansion of this type of infrastructure.

In this way, the Barcelona City Council has defined regulations for both and thus promote coexistence among all users who live in the city.

How do you have to ride a rike?

Both classic and electric bicycles are governed by the same regulations.

An electric bike is considered to be one that assists the user and helps them reach a maximum speed of 25 km/h, weighing less than 40 kg.


The ideal way to use bycicle is through the bike lane, where we have priority over other vehicles, and if there are none in a certain area we can always do it on the road, sidewalk and through the designated areas.

When we do it on the road, we will use common sense and drive as close to the pavement as we can, since it is the safest way, and when we do it on the sidewalk, let's try to have about 3 meters of space.


At the time of leaving the bicycle, we will do it in a place where it does not bother passers-by or affect the signs and urban systems, the best option is to leave the bicycle in the areas designed for that purpose.


It is recommended to wear a helmet, although it is not compulsory in urban centers if you are of legal age. If we are under 16, its use is mandatory.

Bike users

As a bicycle user, we must maintain an optimal position for its use, it is not allowed to go on one wheel or go without hands for safety reasons for us and the rest of the people with whom we share the road.

Any action that involves danger must be avoided, such as grabbing other vehicles in motion or driving in an unpredictable way (zig zagging or carrying objects that could fall).

We cannot wear headphones since with them we lose the ability to hear any type of danger that compromises our safety.

Finally, remember that pedestrians have priority over us, even in the bike lane.

Choose your bike!

If you want to rent a bicycle, you will have to find one that suits our height and weight in the case of being minors.

Here you have the bikes complete regulations in Barcelona