-30% dto en moto de agua y watersports | Código: RESI30
*Solo residentes en Cataluña-Only Catalonia residents-Que pour résidents de Catalogne

Urban vehicles rental

Elecric Scooters, bikes and motorbikes

We offer your different ways to discover the city. Fun, ecologic and useful vehicles!

Rent SYM SR 125cc Motorbike

Rent SYM SR 125cc Motorbike

from 55 60€

Raycool Slim Electric Scooter

Rent Raycool Slim Electric Scooter

from 10 15€

Raycool Age Electric Scooter

Rent Raycool Plus Electric Scooter

from 15 20€

Fat Bike electric bike

Rent Fat Electric Bike

from 2025€

Rent Low Cost Bike

Rent Low Cost Bike

from 525€

Rent Tandem Bike

Rent Tandem Bike

from 6 10€

Barcelona is a city that you must visit and enjoy. Explore the Gothic streets and its history. Visit the emblematic museums and the fantastic Barcelona environment. Additionaly, if you love great experiencies you can enjoy more with our watersports activities.