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Rent Jet Ski without license Barcelona

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TimeOnline PriceDeposit
30 min 99€ 125€ 100€
1h 180€ 200€ 100€

*Exclusive price for online bookings

¡Pay now 30€ and the rest in store!

The activity includes

icono-resumen Real time Jet Ski driving for 1 or 2 people + 10 minutes briefing

icono-resumen You can bring a passanger (minimum height 1,10m) without extra charge

icono-resumen Lifejacket included

What do you have to know?

icono-resumen It will be required to give a deposit of 100€ for each jet ski. In case you are a group with two jet ski or more, the deposit will be 200€ for each.

icono-resumen Everybody have to bring their ID Card or Passport

icono-resumen Only people older than 18 years old can do the activity. People who are 16 or 17 years old can drive only with an authorization signed by the legal tutors

icono-resumen We recommend bringing towel and swimsuit


1 Hour: €0.00 if quantity is bigger than 8  

Choose Your Period:

Frequently asked questions about jet ski rental in Barcelona

Requirements you should know

What do I need to rent a jet ski?

You do not need any type of license or card. This experience is exclusive without the need for a special degree.

Which is the minimum age?

The minimum age to drive is 16 years. Minors under 18 years of age may do so if their legal guardian signs an authorization that can be found after making the reservation.

What is the jet ski deposit for and when it must be paid?

The deposit serves to guarantee a commitment of responsibility to avoid unwanted collisions or friction between jet ski for not respecting the rules. That is why it is very important to listen to the instructor during the briefing. If you do, you have nothing to worry about :). The deposit is paid just before the experience and is returned at the end.

About the experience

Is there an instructor with me or are we going alone?

Being the jet ski rental activity without a license, you will be guided by a professional instructor. The instructor will be the leader of the group and you will have to follow him. He will take care so that your jet ski experience in Barcelona is the best and safest at the same time.

I have never driven anything. Do I need previous experience?

You do not need any type of previous experience. We will take care of giving you a briefing and teaching you how to drive and navigate correctly at sea.

What happens if I fall into the water in the middle of the excursion?

Absolutely nothing! Oddly enough, it is very common. The instructor will stop the group and wait for you to get back on your bike. If you need help, he will come to you. So don't worry!

What route is done in the jet ski rides in Barcelona?

In this activity there is no set path. Normally it goes towards the coast of Barcelona, where we will cross the beach of Barceloneta on a jet ski at full speed, passing through the Port Olímpic and arriving at the Hotel W. On other occasions, it is also possible that the group goes in the direction of Montgat . If you have any preference, you can always tell the monitor and he will have no problem going where you want. If you want a longer excursion and discover new destinations, you can always visit our jet ski tours in Barcelona.

About the bookings

Is the price the same to ride a jet ski for 1 or 2 people?

The price to rent a jet ski will depend on the time chosen (30 min or 1h). The price is per jet ski, therefore 1 or 2 people can go. Also, if you are both adults, you can change drivers whenever you want.

Do I book online?

100% recommended if you do not want to miss this fantastic experience. It is a TOP Summer activity and highly demanded. So if you do not have a reservation, we cannot guarantee availability. In addition, if you book online you have the prices on offer and you get the cheapest rental of your jet ski.

Drive a Jet Ski in Barcelona is easier than ever with JetScoot, the favorite watersports activity

If you live in Barcelona or you have come on summer holidays you will know its beach is the main atraction of the city. But why not to take this oportunity to experience something different like renting a Jet Ski? Don’t wait to much, Barcelona is the ideal place to enjoy Jet Ski. An activity that you can enjoy it alone or coupled.

What do we offer?

JetScoot is one of the most popular Jet Ski Rental in Barcelona. If it is your first time, don’t worry because you will see how easy is to drive it. We are located in Port Fòrum, an ideal to do watersports activities. You will enjoy wondefurl views and you will see the Skyline from the Jet Ski.

*Only older than 18 years old can drive a Jet Ski (People who is 16 or 17 years can drive if their legal guardians sign in person an authorization

*The accompanist (without age limit) must have a minimum height of 1,10m.

We take pictures with your jet ski in Barcelona!

For only 20€ extra, we will take photos for you to take with you as an eternal memory of your experience.

Barcelona jet ski photo service
Barcelona jet ski photo service
Barcelona jet ski photo service
Barcelona jet ski photo service
Barcelona jet ski photo service
Barcelona jet ski photo service

Jet Ski Video Service

For only an additional 40€, you will have a camera that will focus on you throughout the activity and record unique moments of your adventure.
In addition, we also have an innovative service with Drone driven by a professional pilot who will record some impressive shots to give you a video like a movie.

“Add your video service and get an unforgettable memory“

Jet Ski Barcelona Video Experience

Your Jet Skiing Experience

Sail the Mediterranean Sea with one of our Jet Skis. Enjoy the speed and the adrenalin of viewing Barcelona from another point of view. Don’t be afraid! Yo don’t need any license to drive it, so this is your moment.

“Dare and enjoy a special adventure of renting a Jet Ski”

Guided by professional instructors

If you have never driven a Jet Ski, the first thing you should do is loose your fear. It’s simple and easy to drive it. We are sure that you will want to repeat. The tours are guided by professional instructors and you haveto pay attention to their instruccions. In addition, they are responsible for making your experience unforgettable.

"Without our instructors, rent a Jet Ski in Barcelona would not be the same"

Best jet ski service in Barcelona with JetScoot

Jet Ski Rental Service

We highlighted by our excellent service and staff. Furthermore, the prices are reasonable, which is not an impediment to enjoy this experience. We want that everyone can rent a Jet Ski in Barcelona without problems.

Last Jet Ski models

We have the largest fleet of Jet Ski in the city and equipped with the latest technology. This year we have incorporated new Sea-Doo Jet Ski, which thanks to its renewed and reliable 130 HP power engine, will guarantee a unique experience.

With the new Sea-Doo Jet Ski, we offer you some unique and ideal features that will make you fall in love with the sea.

All the Jet Ski are available for this activity. Reserve it now!

Sea-Doo Jet Ski in Barcelona

How Can I rent a Jet Ski in JetScoot?

You have to go to our store located in Barcelona Port Fòrum. A modern and sporty port bult in 2004 located at the end of the diagonal street. One of the advantages of these location is its big dimensions that allow you to enjoy a quieter experience, later you will be able to go to the most visited beaches.

Make your reserve and ensures your fun!

You can come to our Jet Ski store and rent a Jet Ski but we recommend you to book your place in the website previously. We have a lot of people dayly and probably you will not have places if you have not made your reserved

Book your jet ski in Barcelona now and live the greatest adventure you've ever had at sea

Book your jet ski experiene in Barcelona now
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