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96% of 100
1 h 20€ 100€
2 hs 30€ 100€
1 day 35€ 100€

¡Pay now 5€ and the rest in store!

The activity includes

icono-resumen Scooter/bike helmet

icono-resumen Map Barcelona's city

icono-resumen Insurance for electric vehicles (Optional)

icono-resumen Support for mobile (Optional)

What do you have to know?

icono-resumen You will have to pay a deposit of 100€ on the day of pickup

icono-resumen Everybody have to bring their ID Card or Passport

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Alquilar Bicicleta Bostonbike

Rent our Bostonbike electric bicycles to visit Barcelona in a more enjoyable way!

Unique service of rent of electric bike

In jetscoot we offer you the possibility of renting our Bostonbikes electric bicycles with an incredible price so you can ride Barcelona in a comfortable and fun way.


The Bostonbikes electric bicycle has a brushless 350W motor that allows you to add a maximum speed boost of 20 km/h. It has the electronic gas fist and silent motorization. It’s battery is LIPPO4 and fully removable with handle. (If it is extracted, it becomes a conventional bicycle). It has an approximate weight of 29 Kg and a range of 40Km.

Bicicleta Eléctrica Bostonbike


It includes an assisted pedaling system that has 2 options. Besides, a back wheel locks as a safety measure, cushioning in the front wheel and disc brakes in the front and back. Also, it has an aluminum bottle, CNC aluminum pedals, front shock absorbers, the battery with safety key, shimano gear change and a very comfortable VELO brands saddle.

Bicicleta Bostonbike

Why to rent an electric bicycle?

The electric bicycles in Jetscoot has the best quality-price that there is currently in the market.
It’s really difficult that you can find an electric bicycles rental shop at such a recommendable price.
Rent Jetscoot electric bicycles can make you ride the city in a fun way, besides to your comfort and thanks to the good impulse that provides you the brushless 350w engine.

Bicicleta Eléctrica Bostonbike

Traffic regulation:

For renting electric bicycles in Jetscoot this model is considered category B.

The electric bicycles of category B have the following traffic rules:

  • They can circulate when the sidewalk has a width of more than 4.75m and there is 3m of free space to access the stores that need to carry out loading and unloading.
  • It can circulate in the bike lane.
  • Street without differentiated wax: exclusive zone for walking people, they can circulate to a maximum of 10km/h
  • Causeway: you can drive on the road.

Our electric bike rental shop is considered a reference of quality and professionalism in the world of electric transport vehicles.

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