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Parasailing Barcelona

96% of 100
*Online PricePeople 85€ 95€ 1 person 160€ 170€2 people (80€/person) 216€ 225€ 3 people (72€/person) 248€ 260€ 4 people (62€/person)

*Exclusive price for online bookings

¡Pay now 20€ and the rest in store!

This activity includes

icono-resumen Parasailing flight experience for 10-15 minutes (according to conditions) + Speed boat experience

icono-resumen All equipment is included

icono-resumen Liability insurance

What do you have to know?

icono-resumen Everybody have to bring their ID Card or Passport

icono-resumen Activity suitable for children

icono-resumen We recommend bringing towel and swimsuit

icono-resumen It will be required to give a deposit of € 100 for the GoPro Service


1 Hour: €0.00 if quantity is bigger than 8  

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The new Parasailing in Barcelona has arrived! The ultimate aquatic experience. Fly with a parachute above the sea

We take photos of your flight in Parasailing in Barcelona

For only 20€ extra, we'll take photos for you, so you'll have an everlasting memory of your experience.

Servicio de fotos de Parasailing en Barcelona
Servicio de fotos de parasailing en Barcelona
Servicio de fotos de parasailing en Barcelona
Servicio de fotos de parasailing en Barcelona
Servicio de fotos de parasailing en Barcelona
Servicio de fotos de parasailing en Barcelona

The Parasailing, a new and beauty experience

Fast Jet Ski Experience, sailing in a boat, fly with a Flyboard but you have not seen all yet... Would you like to experience something diferent and exciting? You can do Parasailing in Barcelona with JetScoot!

We will make you fly up to 150 meters over the sea. You will be able to enjoy great views of Barcelona from hight altitudes. Can you imagine these amazing views?

Think no more! If you want to fly very hight and maximum speed like a bird, book your tickets now!

Parasailing in Barcelona

How Parasailing works?

This exciting activity works with a parachute towed by a powerful speed boat. This boat is perfectly adapted for this activity! It includes a sofisticated system to guarantee safety lifts and landings.

The Parasailing activity is 100% secure. It's done by maritime experts with a lot of experience. So there is nothing to fear and much to enjoy.

What Parasailing is?

The greatest Parasailing prices in Barcelona

Our Parasailing prices are suitable for everybody who wants to try it.

An individual ticket is 70€, not bad for an exclusive experience like this. However, Parasailing is ideal for enjoy in company and if you are a group, you will get a better price for each person (From 50€/person if you are 4 people)

We have different parachutes available depending of the number of people, their weights and meterologic conditions. You can fly up to 4 people at the same time and enjoy Parasailing with your friends.

Parasailing prices in Barcelona

One of the experiences that you have to try once in your lifetime, to enjoy in company and for a great price. This is the new parasailing of Barcelona. Do you fly with us?

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